miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

A new experience in town

Rotterdam it's a vibrating city, full of colours and amazing people. Since i came here everyday there are new experiences and spots to discover.

Walking throught the central streets the stunning buildings reminds me the big effort of the rotterdamers to rebuild the city after de second world war bombardment. Warm Netherland's people makes you feel surrounded by creativity, entrepreneurship, and the sensation that all is possible.

Kvera it's a proyect borned at this moment, in this city and with the support of my favourite and lovely persons.

After 5 years working in ghd, a great and luxury brand of ironstyles, teaching hairdressers around Spain, participating in show and creative events it's have time to make my dreams come true.

I can remember the illusion's faces of the people at the events, when they didn't expect a new hairstyle and in a few minutes they find a new look in the mirror that they love. I don't want to stop seeing this faces!

That's because i put the pieces together and create Kvera, no matter what kind of event, aniversary, wedding or party you've organize, all your guests will enjoy an unique experience and they will talk about that for months.

At this Blog i'll be writing and sharing experiencies! And I hope you enjoyed like me of the future adventures at this amazing country!

"If you can imagine it;  it will became true"

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